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About Teach Your Monster to Read

Is Teach Your Monster to Read really free?

Teach Your Monster to Read is completely free to play on desktop and laptop computers. Sign up here. 

It's been provided by a charity, the Usborne Foundation, as a way of helping children learn to read. Read more on the About Us page.

The new Teach Your Monster to Read: First Steps iPad app costs £2.99/$4.99 to download from the App Store.

Although the iPad version of "First Steps" is a paid-for app, the web-based version for computers is still free and contains both Teach Your Monster to Read games: First Steps and Fun with Words. Income from the iPad version will go back into the Usborne Foundation to create more free online games and content. 

I'm having trouble with the app!

Take a look at our iPad support page. Hopefully this will help you get it fixed.

What does each game cover?

Find out more from this game by game comparison.

What equipment do we need to run them?

The games will run on any normal laptop or desktop computer (including Apple Macs).

Teach Your Monster to Read: First Steps is now available on iPad. Go to the play now page for more details.

Quick guide to the games

To get a quick overview of how the games works, and how children learn from them, check out the First Steps Game Overview (PDF) and the Fun With Words Game Overview (PDF).

Setting the game up on computers

It's easy. Just make an account, then add a player for each of the children that'll be playing.

They can then either login by pressing "PLAY" next to their name, or by logging in themselves with their name and their password.

How are the games educational? 

Find out about the educational value of Teach Your Monster to Read from Alison Kelly and Angela Colvert, reading experts from the University of Roehampton.

Why are these games different?

Tom Barrett, expert in education, ICT and gaming talks about why Teach Your Monster to Read is different to other products on the market.

How can we use the games in a school?

John Hole, from Wray Common Primary School, Surrey talks about how they've used Teach Your Monster to Read in their school.  

Matt Rogers, from Snowsfields Primary School, London talks about how Teach Your Monster to Read is used in his classroom.

Who made Teach Your Monster to Read?

You can find out all about who funded and made the game on the About Us page.

Got more questions?

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