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Game Overview

The Game Overview is a short PDF which gives a quick run down of how the games work, and how children learn from them.

First Steps Game Overview (PDF) and Fun With Words Game Overview (PDF).


For information about The Usborne Foundation (funders of the project) or the team, visit the About Us page.

Team Photos

Photos of project spokespeople: Peter Usborne, Nicola Usborne, Angela Colvert, Alison Kelly, Antonio Gould (zip file)

Press Release



Game 1 Screen Shots (.jpg) 

Game 2 Screen Shots (.jpg) 

iPad App Screen Shots (.jpg) 

Characters from the game

Monsters (.jpg)

Monsters (.ai)

Game 1 Characters

The Island Kings (jpg)

Sorry, no .ai's available for these. Please only use for online publications.

Game 2 Characters

Teach Your Monster to Read Logo

Please use this version of the logo for any print materials.

First Steps bitmap version are provided here:

Please use this badge on any websites or blog pages.

The Usborne Foundation Logo