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Transferring players and groups

If your students have moved to another teacher’s class or year group then you can now transfer players to that teacher’s Teach Your Monster to Read account

Watch this video to see how to transfer players or read on.

Transfer a player

Click on ‘More’ next to the player’s name and in the dropdown go to ‘Edit/Transfer/Delete’
Scroll down the player’s page and go to ‘Transfer player’
Type in the email address of the new teacher (that teacher must have an account set up on Teach Your Monster to Read)

Transfer a whole group

Go to the group’s page and scroll down to the “Transfer Group” section.

Transfer a whole account

Go to Account Settings in your dashboard and scroll down to ‘Transfer Account’. You can either create a new account to which everything will move, or transfer everything to an existing account holder.

Please send us your feedback about this new feature, we’d love to hear how it is working in schools. [email protected]

PS: The game is now available to test on Android tablets and iPad. Find out more: