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Players group together in sound families, enhancing children’s phonological awareness.

Educational Aims:

  • To develop knowledge of grapheme-phoneme correspondences
  • To rehearse articulating the phoneme
  • To develop phonological awareness


Hall or playground


Multiple (no less than 15)

Playing time:

Approximately five mins


  • Instructions (PDF)
  • Grapheme playing cards: Each set must contain three or four cards with the same sound. The number of sets needed will vary depending on the number of children. Each child must have a grapheme card (e.g. for a group of 30 children you will need 10 sets of cards such as 3 x ‘s’, 3 x ‘a’, etc)

Why Play?

  • Covers letters and sounds to reading full sentences.
  • Designed in collaboration with leading academics.
  • Computer version is 100% free.
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