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Android version: Support and help

Using the Android tablet version in the classroom

Get help on using the Android tablet version of Teach Your Monster to Read in the classroom at:

"Client Error" appears on the app

Try deleting the app, turn off your device, turn your device back on and reinstall the app.

An error message appears on the app

Check out our page on app error messages to get help.

Protecting your privacy

This app does not collect any information about how your child uses the app and there are no in-app purchases. There are no links to external websites, and there is no email or messaging facility within the app. You can read the Teach Your Monster to Read privacy policy at

What does the game cover?

A detailed description of the educational content for the Teach Your Monster to Read game can be found here: What does the game cover?

My child already has an online account. Can he or she access this through the Android tablet version?

Yes. Log in on the Android Tablet version using your child’s account username and password. For more information on this check out our advice on logging in and passwords.

Can I choose which letter-sounds to rehearse?

Teach Your Monster to Read does not have the option to go back to specific letters and sounds at the moment. At the end of Level 2 and 3, once the player has completed the level, players can then go back and replay specific parts of this level. This section is called the 'Word Universe'.

Support email

If you need to get in touch with us, please contact us.