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Tips for managing your account

How can I reset my password?
You can get a new password here.

How do I restart the game on the computer?
Add another player to your account and start the game again by creating a new monster

How do I turn off the password feature for players?
Log into your account and then click on 'Account settings'.
Scroll down to 'Password settings' and click on 'no passwords'
IMPORTANT: The account will get a dedicated URL for the game and your children can login with their name only.
Here is a video that shows you how to implement the 'no password' feature.

Can I create simple passwords?
Yes, you can change the passwords and player names to something memorable.
Click on 'Account settings'.
Change the password settings to 'editable passwords'.
Edit your players names and passwords to whatever you like by clicking 'edit' next to their names on the home screen.
You can click back into ‘Account settings and click ‘Edit player passwords in bulk’ to upload a spreadsheet of your chosen usernames and passwords.
IMPORTANT: The account will get a dedicated URL which the players can use to login with their own passwords and usernames.

How do I move a player to another game?
If you would like to switch players to 2: Fun With Words or 3: Champion Reader or back to level 1: First Steps this is what you need to do:
Log in to your account.
Click ‘More’ then ‘Edit / Delete’ and change the level from there.
Watch this video to find out more:

How do I print certificates?
Log into your account. If the player has finished a game then the certificate will appear next to
their name or under the ‘More’ section.

How do I see the progress of each player?
Log into your account and then click 'More' next to the student's name, then click on 'Stats'.
A progress report will pop up and give you a percentage rating against the graphemes they have been practising.
A class progress report can be found at the bottom of your players list. Click the orange button, ‘Stats’.

How do I move players between classes/groups?
Log into your account. Click on the little box to the left of the student's name. A dropdown box will appear on the top right saying 'With selected". Scroll down in this dropdown box and click 'Move to group'. Click the group you'd like to move your student to.
This video will also help explain how to move students into other groups:

How do I transfer individual players to another teacher's account?
Log into your account. Click the 'More' button next to the player’s name. A dropdown will appear. Click on ‘Edit/Transfer/Delete’
Under 'Transfer Player', enter the email address of the teach account you want to transfer the player to. Note: that teacher must have an account set up on Teach Your Monster to Read with the email address you enter.

How do I transfer a whole group to another teacher’s account?
Go to the group’s page and scroll down to the “Transfer Group” section. Type in the email address of the new teacher (that teacher must have an account set up on Teach Your Monster to Read)

Can I choose which letter-sounds to practice?

Teach Your Monster to Read does not have the option to go back to specific letters and sounds at the moment. At the end of Level 2 and 3, once the player has completed the level, players can then go back and replay specific parts of this level. This section is called the 'Word Universe'.

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