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Phonics songs

Animated phonics songs for both revising and teaching letter-sounds. Catchy and easily adaptable, children will want to sing along and invent their own.

Hear it and say it

In this version, the letters are not shown on screen, and it is designed so that children tune into the sounds before they see the letter. Perfect for introducing letter-sounds for the first time.

Choose a letter-sound to play a video:

[s] [a] [t] [p] [i] [n] [m] [d] [g] [o] [c] [k] [e] [r] [h] [b] [f] [l] [j] [v] [w] [y]

See it and say it

In this version, the letters are shown at the same time as the letter sounds are heard, allowing children to make the connection between the sound and the letter. This is a perfect follow-on from ‘hear it and say it’. Alternatively use this phonics song to revise letter-sounds that have already been learnt. Choose from the available letter-sounds below:

[s] [a] [t] [p] [i] [n] [m] [d] [g] [o] [c] [k] [e] [r] [h] [b] [f] [l] [j] [v] [w] [y]

Choose your own sound version

Create your own song version with any sounds and words you like. Just pause the video and use your own props, or let the children get creative!

Why Play?

  • Covers letters and sounds to reading full sentences.
  • Designed in collaboration with leading academics.
  • Computer version is 100% free.
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